PostgreSQL 8.4 beta

PostgreSQL - a great and easy to use database management tool
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Enforce restrictions in plperl using an opmask applied to the whole interpreter, instead of using (Tim Bunce, Andrew Dunstan)
Recent developments have convinced us that is too insecure to rely on for making plperl trustable. This change removes use of altogether, in favor of using a separate interpreter with an opcode mask that is always applied. Pleasant side effects of the change include that it is now possible to use Perl's strict pragma in a natural way in plperl, and that Perl's $a and $b variables work as expected in sort routines, and that function compilation is significantly faster. (CVE-2010-1169)

Prevent PL/Tcl from executing untrustworthy code from pltcl_modules (Tom)

PL/Tcl's feature for autoloading Tcl code from a database table could be exploited for trojan-horse attacks, because there was no restriction on who could create or insert into that table. This change disables the feature unless pltcl_modules is owned by a superuser. (However, the permissions on the table are not checked, so installations that really need a less-than-secure modules table can still grant suitable privileges to trusted non-superusers.) Also, prevent loading code into the unrestricted "normal" Tcl interpreter unless we are really going to execute a pltclu function. (CVE-2010-1170)

Fix data corruption during WAL replay of ALTER ... SET TABLESPACE (Tom)

When archive_mode is on, ALTER ... SET TABLESPACE generates a WAL record whose replay logic was incorrect. It could write the data to the wrong place, leading to possibly-unrecoverable data corruption. Data corruption would be observed on standby slaves, and could occur on the master as well if a database crash and recovery occurred after committing the ALTER and before the next checkpoint.

Fix possible crash if a cache reset message is received during rebuild of a relcache entry (Heikki)

This error was introduced in 8.4.3 while fixing a related failure.

Apply per-function GUC settings while running the language validator for the function (Itagaki Takahiro)

This avoids failures if the function's code is invalid without the setting; an example is that SQL functions may not parse if the search_path is not correct.

Do constraint exclusion for inherited UPDATE and DELETE target tables when constraint_exclusion = partition (Tom)

Due to an oversight, this setting previously only caused constraint exclusion to be checked in SELECT commands.

PostgreSQL - a great and easy to use database management tool.

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